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For nearly forty years, we have specialized in complex, turn-key projects.

  • Gasification Plants
  • Compressor Stations
  • Meter Stations
  • Terminal Facilities
  • Air Blending Facilities
  • Amine Plants
  • Loading Facilities
  • Pigging Facilities

Access Midstream

Antelope Compressor Facility
Douglas, WY

We performed all excavation and backfill for all pipe trenches, duct banks, and equipment foundations. The project included setting four compressors, two tanks, one flare, and all equipment in the buildings, along with all electrical and instrumentation work. Schmueser also fabricated and installed all UG and AG piping (2-inch through 16-inch), and made the hot tie-ins at the existing pipeline. Finally, we assisted with start-up.

Colorado Interstate Gas Company

Snake River Compressor Station
Craig, CO

This project included installation of civil, mechanical, and electrical and instrumentation for a two-unit, grassroots turbine compressor station. Included were turbine compressor units, inlet air, exhaust, gas cooling, compressor building, auxiliary building, power generation, separation, metering, and tie-ins to the main pipeline.

Colorado Interstate Gas Company

West End Meter Stations
OR and NV

For installation of four meter stations in Oregon and Nevada, work included civil, mechanical, and electrical and instumentation. These are all grassroot facilities that are part of a 42-inch pipeline project running from Opal, Wyoming to Malin, Oregon.

Partnerships & projects

Built on a handshake

We believe every project is built on trust. Let us introduce you to our team and discuss how we can be your trusted partner. 

Safety is our #1 priority

We take safety seriously and take great lengths to provide a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for both our employees and Clients. Though we approach our projects with a safety-first attitude, we also recognize the importance of a safe production philosophy. 

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