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A Safety State of Mind


Our Commitment to Safety

Schmueser & Associates, LLC. takes safety very seriously and goes to great lengths to provide a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for both our employees and clients. SAFETY FIRST is our uncompromising commitment by upper management and project supervision. Schmueser has earned numerous safety awards and over 5 million man hours worked with no lost time accidents on both OSHA and MSHA sites.


Our Training Programs are developed and written specifically for our business and the environments in which we work. Our Health & Safety Program Manual surpasses many third party contractor qualifiers such as Browz, ISNetworld and PICSauditing.  Initial, weekly, and annual training is documented by a comprehension test and performed in-house by our qualified and certified instructors.


OSHA Training:

  • OSHA 10- General Industry

  • OSHA 10- Construction

  • OSHA 30


MSHA Training:                                                          

  • Metal/Non-Metal - Surface and Underground

  • Coal - Surface and Underground



  • NSC First Aid & CPR                                                   

  • Safeland/Safegulf                                                       


                      Basic 10                                                                      


Operator Qualifications Evaluators:

  • Veriforce

  • Midwest Energy Association (MEA)

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